MCat Regulations

Serious Prohibition and Regulations (Permanently ban penalty)
  1. Do not dishonor nation, religion, and HM the King.
  2. Do not arouse, oppose, or guide any politic matter.
  3. Do not broadcast harsh or illegal content.
  4. Do not do any action with purpose to cause social rampage.
  5. Do not broadcast sexual, seduction, or sexual harassment content. (Both sound and visual content)
  6. Do not directly reveal nor wear see-through cloth which reveals figure of the body which symbolizes gender such as breast, bottom, and sexual organs.
  7. Do not broadcast any content related to drugs or gambling.
  8. Do not violate other people privacy rights, accuse, or cause damage to other people.
  9. Do not use the application in seeking unlawful benefits.

General prohibition and regulations
  1. Dress regulations
    Users must dress properly during broadcasting. Your dress must be considered appropriate for public location. Please see details below for guidelines.

    1.1 Do not wear underwear outside of your cloth.
    1.2 Do not wear skirt or shorts which reveal inside part of your bottom or panty.
    1.3 Men cannot be topless, unless they have good-looking body.
    1.4 Female users must not show too much cleavage.
    1.5 Do not reveal underwear or panty.
    1.6 Do not dress in obscene way such as see-through cloth which reveals figure of the body, bikini, stockings, or tight cloth which reveals shape of sexual organ.
    1.7 Do not imitation government officer costume.

    Additional regulations
    1. In case broadcasting while swimming, wearing swimsuits will not be considered violating regulations.
    2. In case broadcasting while working out in fitness center or boxing, playing sport, male being topless will not be considered violating regulations.

  2. Action regulations
    2.1 Do not broadcast while being drunk nor doing reckless actions.
    2.2 Do not smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs while broadcasting.
    2.3 Do not act in any obscene way.
    2.4 Do not curse or incriminate other people or use inappropriate words.
    2.5 Do not annoy others.
    2.6 Do not advertise or sell any products without permission.
    2.7 Any actions considered intellectual property infringement are prohibited.
    2.8 Do not use impolite/rude/unrespectful language or gesture, or argue with other users.

  3. Location and behavior regulations
    3.1 Do not broadcast in the place that implies sexuality such as places of ill repute, bathroom, etc.
    3.2 Do not play sound or music which assumed obscene.
    3.3 Obscene or illegal stuffs and drugs must not be present on the screen.
    3.4 Do not be away from broadcasting for too long.

    If you violate the prohibitions and general regulations, you will be punished by the following respond:
    1. The first time, block live broadcasting for 1 hour.
    2. The second time, block live broadcasting for 3 hours.
    3. The third time, block live broadcasting for 1 day.
    4. The fourth time, block live broadcasting for 2 days.
    5. The fifth time, block live broadcasting for 30 days.
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